Frayed Knot

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1990 23:07:50
From: Jerry Everard
Subject: Re: Frayed Knot
>On Mon, 24 Apr 1995 wrote:
>> I'm sure I'm the only one sometimes who doesn't have a Ph.D in
>> philosophy and consequently when a thread comes along that is really
>> interesting that I would like to reply to, I don't.
The dumb people are the ones who do the dumping!

Personally, I don't think there is such a thing as a dumb question - those of us who do have the odd PhD I guess can get a bit carried away with an idea *blush*, but if it dont work in plain english, then it dont work. And sometimes its really useful to have someone get up and say - I find this interesting but I find it hard to follow - and that's when the discussion really starts to happen. When people do that to me (and my partner, Sharon, and daughter,Mogs, are usually the first ones to say "can you run that past me in subtitles?") I think oops I'm thinking in a fuzzy way - and then I either think about how how I could explain it better, or I think well, that idea didn't really lead anywhere constructive. Either way the intervention was a useful one cos ideas are meant to be shared and to share them they have to be communicable (sounds like a disease!).

Also we each have our own backgrounds (like I know nothing at all about programming and am functionally innumerate *blush* and still find some of the ideas behind some of the more hardware-oriented stuff interesting as far as I can understand it - but then other times I just ignore those bits and find greener pastures among poetic posts.

For me, I guess I enjoy the interactions of the people here on cybermind because everyone has something to offer. I can understand reticence and I can understand how people using specialised language can unintentionally exclude others from teh discussion, and it takes guts to get up and say something when you're uncertain of what sort of reception you'll get. All I can suggest is jumping in - I for one won't bite (maybe gum a little? *grins broadly, showing crooked teeth*)


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