Do you write?

Do you write to strangers, do you write?

I always write to strangers No one is truly known, only drawn near

This is why I write I want to bring the strangers to me

The nearer they approach The warmer I am

I crave the warmth Of touch

And (failing that) The warmth of contact (1)

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 09:55:53
From: Rose Mulvale
Subject: A whole bunch of reply (was Re: A whole bunch of things)

On Tue, 27 Jun 1995 17:28:28,
Wayne Pascoe wrote, and Rose nods. Been there. Done that. But.....

>I used to think a million thoughts and I had a million things to say. I had
>an immaculate perception of the world around m, and I lived for the sole
>purpose of gathering knowledge. I've recently realised that nothing I've
>done to date will ever mean anything. Chances are that nothing I ever do
In writing this post to Cybermind, you have caused nearly three hundred people around the world to think. Does this mean nothing? To touch the mind of another - is this "nothing"? (And this is just the act of composing and sending a message to an e-mail list......)
>I don't know what the rules of this list are, but as far as I can see, it is
>a gathering of people who talk about whatever is on their minds.
S'posed to be The Philosophy and Psychology of the Internet, but some folks drift off topic (under Alan's benevolent gaze) and others just haul off and hijack the List... As my son used to say, "Fill yer boots, Mom!"
>I'm 19. I've been living alone and working for two years already, and I take
>home more than a lot of 35 year old's that I know. I've faced the hardships
>of life. Turns out that they're trivial. Then again, is anything really
>trivial? Little pleasures, no matter how small, are worth more than a
>million years of pain. One smile can do more good than a thousand a-bombs
>can do damage!
For 19, you already *have* "home" what most never manage to bring in during 70 years of living.....
>I'm no philosipher like dobie or Pip. I don't think I belong here, but if
>not here, then where ?? This is a world frequented by a multitude of
>different personalities, and even here in CyberMind, I feel like an
>outsider. I see you people talking like you know each other and you've
>shared each others lives. I guess in a way you have. 
Awwwwwww. Don't I remember being the "stranger", the "outsider"! There is still the nagging insecurity, but this is my Virtual Home now. I'm accepted, here - and safe - and cared about...... and I accept and care about others I've come to know and love in my Beautiful Place. Stay, and speak when you wish (they're incredibly generous, these "Philosophers" - they put up with an *awesome* amount of crap from me!)

We "know each other"? Yes, perhaps we do. Certainly we know each other better than posters to other Lists I've been on (poor sad cold places).

>I've got so much inside that needs to get out, and I haven't the words to
>get it out. Even if I had, there's no one to listen. I'm rambling on . 
>Need to go.
 ^^^^ ^^ ^^
You need to _stay_, Wayne (or, as I would say to Dobie: "Sit! Staaaaay...") (I was a dog breeder and trainer in one of my earlier incarnations, and I think by now Dobie understands this very well!)(And maybe the rest of 'em, too.....) It takes time, entry into a community. Shared experiences cannot be instant - they build on each other, and building is work.

Pick up your brick, Wayne - load your trowel with mortar, smoothe it over another pair of bricks - and slap it in place! (Be prepared to do a bit of trimming if too much mortar is displaced by the vehemence of the slap...)


(1) RM, posted 18 jul 95

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