Poems from Angela Hunter!

Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 10:25:04
From: Alan Sondheim
Subject: Poems from Angela Hunter!
To: Multiple recipients of list CYBERMIND

Here are some poems from Angela Hunter. I just received them in the mail; she says:


p.s. I guess you could call these poems a sorta "god series" ... although they weren't written at the same time or in the same intention


"a boire"

our thirsty god pink like a plastic baby
the embalmed body over a candle melting latin
everywhere still the oven is full of gas and skin
stains the smell of desert no visions this night in
our fallout shelter drunk again a weepy chalice
at the crossroads again and again empty hand reaching
for always the same flesh of your flesh to kiss with the kiss
of my mouth and is it enough to come bearing
the plastic baby pressed against the lip of my lava breast?
I say drink in abundance
the dead are only thirsty once and
I am burning to become god


"long before"

and i cried
like a dying child
before the absence of god
I was once
the altar of his fetish
long before
the alphabet


"i have a gun"

please do anything you want
      but don't
leave me here in this room/alone/with this poem
take me with you
I too can walk
away from       me
(but God)
you're a greedy bastard
you chew my words like cud
your satisfaction is untouchable

oh god the sun
is plural
and I would never even know it
if my eyes didn't bleed       but I'm asking
real nice now
Damn you god
I have a gun
nice poem, nice poem


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