Keynote address outline

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 16:59:57 -0500
From: Alan Jen Sondheim
Subject: Keynote address outline -


Address Outline -

(This is an extended outline of what I hope to cover in the keynote address at the conference - some of the material may have to be passed over, since a fair amount of time will be taken with explaining terminology; I'm going to assume an audience unfamiliar with the Net or at least _thinking_ the Net.)

Thank you and welcome -

1. Probably first conference organized around an email list - which says a great deal about the possibility of _depth_ or _aura_ of such lists.

2. What is an email list? - quick distinction between "Webnet" and "darknet." Media emphasis on the lateral/corporate aspects of the former - personal emphasis on the depth/libidinal economic/community/discursive aspects of the latter.

3. What is list aura? - _Lateral_ discussions / relationships among list members on one hand; Web pages, archives, MOOs, books, etc. on the other. (Mention Being on Line at this point.)

4. What the list has "meant to me":

5. Re: 4c: Research into the virtual: Humanity extending its leap "somewhere else" that involves, implicitly, the digital domain. The traditional analog world of philosophy is turned inside-out. How can one theorize the digital?

6. Other issues:

7. The Limits of the Realm - of primary importance (issues that will be repeatedly discussed at here at the conference):


N.B.The first [CM 'Meeting/ Conference/ Exhibition'] convened in Perth, Australia, November 29 - December 1, 1996.

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