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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 20:08:19
From: kerry miller
Subject: For Jacques (was: Silence (and re: A poem!

What is missing is the _gesture_ of silence here, where we disdain to have rollcall, use ellipses with abandon, and have auto-bots that only respond when called on ('Im out of the office right now'). But wait! Is this not amenable to the gentle touch of technology? In the not-so-very distance, I can see intelligent mailers that will note the frequency with which we address a site, and (on a decaying interval) issue sorry-im-away-right-now messages for us. Indeed, since the inverse would also be possible (subscribing on our behalf -"This list is about to be joined by Bas Bousa, w/ ATD (anticipated traffic density, in msg/msgs) = .05" - and fetching home specimen posts for the ramp-up), it suggests that net- silence is only as traumatic as, and perhaps due to, the abrupt ingression of presence.


Beyond the Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce and the Pre-History of Cyberspace
by Donald F. Theall
Postmodern Culture v.2 n.3 (May, 1992)

      Acutely sensitive to the inseparable involvement of
     speech, script, and print with the visual, the auditory, the
     kinesthetic and other modes of expression, Joyce roots all
     communication in gesture: "In the beginning was the gest he
     jousstly says" (468.5-6).  Here the originary nature of
     gesture (gest, F. %geste% = gesture) is linked with the
     mechanics of humor (i.e., jest) and to telling a tale
     (gest as a feat and a tale or romance).  Gestures, like
     signals and flashing lights that provide elementary
     mechanical systems for communications, are "words of silent
     power" (345.19).  A traffic crossing sign, "Belisha beacon,
     beckon bright" (267.12), exemplifies such situations "Where
     flash becomes word and silents selfloud."

For Enok, btw, he goes on to mention Marcel Jousse's groundbreaking books on gesture as the origin of language, _La Manducation de la Parole_ ("The Mastication of the Word"). /blockquote>

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