Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 08:00:43
From: Caitlin Martin
Subject: Re: Font and Textuality on E-mail

On Wed, 6 May 1998, Amy Fletcher wrote:

> A question is raised:
> >Does true-self is really expressed in e-mail (or for the matter, in the
> net) ? I
> >mean, Is there really a way to say how a person is like by the way she or he
> >writes ? Or as you think, it depends on "textuality" ?
> Maybe the true-self is never really expressed very well. I'm uncertain
> about this. But I do think we can get to know things about a person by the
> way they write. How they use the language often tells a lot. (If this
> weren't true, I wouldn't re-read my e-mails before sending them!) Do they
> use good spelling, nice grammar? If not, why not? Is English their first
> language or not? Sometimes it is possible to see the difference between
> bad grammar and someone learning the complications of English.

i'd agree w/you here that certainly something is expressed in email, something is learned about another person through their text. true self, though? that implies that there is one true way of being for any given person & i don't buy that. it's not a terribly original observation, but it seems to me that we're a collection of many selves, constructed w/in the context we inhabit in any given moment.


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