Date sent:Tue, 18 Aug 1998 02:16:29
From: Alan Jennifer Sondheim
Subject: SHINTAI



In the center of the Shrine there is a Mirror but wait, there is also a box or a case, and it is the case (which is all the World!) that there is something in it, that-which-divides. So there is a division made, or a making-division:

(Enter: Hunger-eating goblin

The division of the real and the virtual, line cutting where it may, what or what does not think itself across the gap;

(Enter: Thirst-drinking goblin

The division of the body, top and bottom, left and right, one or another lobe, searing and a searing retreat!;

(Enter: Wake-sleeping goblin

The division of the reader and the writer, the text and the other, eternal divide of the two of us, of the two of us and the one of them, of the three of us and the one of them or the two of them!

(Enter: Horned-fucking goblin

But beware! The Mirror sends you away - look, you're retreating! But now! Come closer; are you in the box (is the box in you?!)!? But think! What could it be, that-which-divides, if not for the beautiful breasts and body of _the continuity girl_ stretched over like the Sky-Goddess across the terrestrial body of the _dramatic-script boy,_ weighted down with all the stories of the world!

(Enter: Cold-warming goblin

But once again! I am the Shrine housing you, O _the continuity girl_ and _dramatic-script boy! _ And you are _shintai,_ the inhering-object of the sacred kami-body, the essence-placement of kami, perhaps unknown, perhaps secret or PGP-encrypted, perhaps lost in the black holes of cyberspace, perhaps exhausted, flooded across the wires and routing errors: YOU ARE SHINTAI BEYOND THE MIRROR, SHINTAI OF _THE CONTINUITY GIRL_ AND _DRAMATIC- SCRIPT BOY:_

(Enter: Warm-cooling goblin





_ Date sent: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 03:32:36
From: Alan Jennifer Sondheim
Subject: The Demon


The Demon

The Demon divides the real from the virtual, the real from the real; the virtual divides by means of the _device-random,_ always already a seed or a promulgation. Thus the virtual is traceable, at least in the common parlance; the real is deeply untraceable: lost from the lost. Divisions fissure into divisions; continuum produces the apparent smoothness of lost histories, clutters.


Date sent: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 00:33:46
From: Alan Jennifer Sondheim
Subject: still of the Nuit


still of the Nuit

"I was and probably still will going to write something about this as well - odd - using Maxwell's Demon to imply the impossible separation and or- dering of scripts..." so I wrote to Clara Nuit in relation to the entrance of the Demon, separating hot and cold molecules, separating hot and cold scripts, what would happen - so that the _dramatic-script boy_ carries a bundle! and _the continuity girl_ ensures that one follows another with a modicum of etiquette and something that might be called _the least concern of all._ So I wrote this, I, Daishin Nikuko, _in relation to the continuity girl,_ hoping that she, as well as Clara Nuit, would read this, as one script among many: consider then an intervention

\ /

from elsewhere, a stylus inscribing, delimiting, articulating a series or sheaf of texts or scripts, the Demon hard at work, Satan at the keyboard, writing all of us into existence, toppling into _this_ form, font, and style: consider then an enabling

/ \

as if balancing the w/hole, the effluvia or debris of the world - _the continuity girl_ half hysterical with a task moving quickly out of hand - _dramatic-script boy_ almost collapsing under the weight of proliferating scripts ...

Maxwell faltering in his impossible task by the way side, reality carrying on ...

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