'Tis A Gift To Be Simple

Date sent: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 22:15:38
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Subject: Re: *'Tis A Gift To Be Simple*

"a rose by any other name is just as sweet" (who said that again?)

they say ikons are not modelled the same as the simultaneous development of the 3 dimensional & alchemical grids of the RENAISSANCE in Europe intentionally, to portray the "otherworldly" dimensionals within the inability to make sense or conform to the perceived realities seeking "realism" in expression (photo-realism). Nowadays we can just generate "realism" with the click of a mouse & a flick of the wrist. how is that different with word crafting?

inasmuch as the development of the alphabets & the multitudinous combinations inherent within each culture to lay down the scenario using different combinations of squiggily lines to form expression, can we not observe that such expansive linear concepts & the processes needed to interpret them relativistically & subjectively conforms to promote a "...cannot see the forest for the trees" effect?

what you do with words, I could just throw paint selectively upon a canvas & go back & adjust to say either NOTHING in particular, or to express the most complicated & deep heartfelt *truth* I am capable of. But it would still depend upon the interpretation of the recipient (speaking of HTML & java), to resonate with the expression as intended.

But - the *truth* within expression is the process by which one expresses; the journey itself & not the destination. What is happening inside the artist is the price exacted of each person of clear artistic vision, & often feels like chaos in these so-called societies. cyberspace is no different.

Like, when goes to a mall or big department store for one clear item, & ends up utterly overwhelmed by the choices available to them, resulting in total indecision & a desire to run screaming from the store, the available mediums of expression can blind us to the tools most neccesary for immediate communication & feedback, if required.

Decide something! :-)

ps ('al' is too complicated an option)

A. Jenn Sondheim wrote:

> -
> It's not middle english and it's not perl. It's not gothic and it's not
>> javascript. It doesn't have the syntactical ability to construct me. It
>> doesn't have the semantic ability to represent my body. I'm _caught in the
> middle._ I'm _divided in two._ I'm _neither here nor there._ I'm _broken
> I'm _smashed into pieces._ I've disappeared _into thin air._
> It has the phonemic ability to not represent. It has the phonemic ability
> of the _ikon._ It doesn't have _the dichotomy._ It doesn't _tunnel through
> a quantum substrate._ It's not _a virtual particle._ It _doesn't breathe._
> It's not a _family of leptons._ It doesn't obey _statistics._
> It's not heian japanese and it's not java. It's not sumerian and it's not
> assembly. It's not machine and it shakes the chassis. it's al

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