Poetry Exercises

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 02:01:48
From: "A. Jenn Sondheim"
Subject: poetry exercises - (I'm thinking about poetry-in-the-schools projects, and subjects involving computers as subject and object of writing, and came up with the following list that might be of interest. - Alan) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 20:29:21
From: "A. Jenn Sondheim"
Subject: more education planning

Planning Session (education)

(See Lorenzo Thomas, ed. Sing the Sun Up, Creative Writing Ideas from African American Literature.)

Draw a picture of a computer on the board.
What can computers be used for?
Do you ever use a computer?
Are there computers in cars and subways? At McDonald's?
  At the barber's? In your television? In your CD player?
What are the parts of a computer?
Draw the parts of a computer on the board.
What _can't_ a computer be used for?
Did a computer design anything in this room?
What are the five senses?
What senses do you use when you are using a computer?
Do you think you could use all your senses with a computer?
Could you talk to a computer? Could a computer talk to you?
What sounds does your computer make?
What is an interface?
 (describe _user_ interfaces, graphics and mouse clicks and texts)
 (describe _output_ interfaces, computers controlling machinery,
  making clothing, running traffic lights)
Is your mouth an interface to your stomach?
Find a picture of a computer you like and bring it in.
 What is the computer doing? Are there people in the picture?
 What are the people doing?
Pretend your computer is very naughty and you have to beg it to do
things. What would you feed it?
Draw a robot on the board. What does a robot look like? Should a robot
have legs or wheels?
What would it be like to have a robot mother and a robot father?
Tell me about the world of robots.
What is a computer. A computer is a very general machine that can do
lots of things. How can you tell a computer what to do?
What can you tell a computer to do?

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