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Enthusiasm (Yu)

    A dialogue can arouse enthusiasm by acting in harmony with the needs of the time and coopting assistance for the completion of an undertaking. Such enthusiasm releases people from the grip of mundane tensions and allows them to express the hidden potentials of their society... The dialogue can arouse enthusiasm and cooperation through its own self-confidence and the sincere support it gives to those who collaborate with it. (Resulting in: Receptivity)
    -- an entry in the I Ching for World Problems and Human Development.

The typical family in the United States is working, latest estimates are, about 15 weeks a year more than they did 20 years ago -- just to keep stagnating, or even declining, incomes. That's a success in the richest, most privileged country in the world?
    -- N. Chomsky



"We have a failed social policy and it has to be re-evaluated. Otherwise, we're going to bankrupt ourselves. Because we can't incarcerate our way out of this problem." -- Gen. Barry McCaffrey, National Drug Control Policy Office.
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Among the Kuba, the function of some masks is focused on rights of passage... Kuba masks also reflect spirits that act as intermediaries between the Supreme Being and mortals.